Principal's Corner

Troy Junior-Senior High School is dedicated to the empowerment of students to become responsible

and productive members of society through education for a lifetime.


Dear Trojan families, 

Welcome back to the spring semester of 2024! As I reflected during the Christmas season, I had a chance to acknowledge the many blessings in my life, including my beautiful family and our wonderful community school here in Troy, Idaho. New Year’s, also, is a time when I reflect and refocus.  Although New Year’s Resolutions are a wonderful way to start afresh, I am keenly aware that each day I have the ability to make mindful choices and to define who I am and who I hope to become. 

So how do we ensure we are properly engaging in this self-inquiry and refinement? 

Aristotle famously said, “Know thyself” and Shakespeare added, in Hamlet, “To thine own self

be true.” Self-awareness is an imperative component in our ability to reflect, refocus and propel ourselves to achieving our dreams and goals. It is a positive attribute as it helps us to accurately know ourselves and to move forward productively. Those of us who regularly engage in this reflection understand that everything we do has an impact on those around us.  

I routinely tell students that school is a great place to learn. Yes, we learn Math and Science and History. We learn about FFA and teamwork and sportsmanship. But I would argue that the most important learning occurs after we misstep or make mistakes.  

These are the monumental moments when we have the chance to grow. In the end it does not matter so much that we are able to remain perfect—to be valedictorian, or a state champion. What matters is how we respond to controversy, to failure. If I can borrow words from one of history’s most determined leaders, it would be from Winston Churchill who served as Prime Minister of England during World War II.  He felt strongly that “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” 

I extend a challenge to myself, to my staff and to my students, to recommit ourselves to honest compassionate inquiry.  To reframe our minds towards our goals of 2024 and beyond, and to embrace the challenges that are sure to come our way. 

Thank you for your support of our students and for your participation in their education. 

I encourage you to visit our school if you have the opportunity.  We would welcome your feedback.  


Aaron Dail, Principal