Doug and Edna Kelly Scholarship




The Doug and Edna Kelly Scholarship Fund has been created and established to generate funds which will be used to provide scholarships for persons who have graduated from Troy High School. The Kelly's moved to the Troy area and started the family farm in 191 l. Doug and Edna's education started in one room country school houses and continued with Doug attending the University of Idaho. Doug studied business with an emphasis on business law. Education was valued highly by Doug and Edna. It is because of their belief in education and the sense of community that they have provided this scholarship for Troy High School graduates.

All persons who have graduated from Troy High School shall be eligible to apply for scholarship funds. This shall specifically include past graduates, as well as members of the current graduating class.

Any graduate attending, or enrolled to attend, an institution of higher learning, including colleges and universities, junior or two-year colleges, trade schools working toward their first AA, AS, BA or BS degree shall be eligible.

The amount to be paid for each scholarship shall be significantly large to be meaningful. The Troy School Board shall have final decision of the recipients of scholarship funds and the amounts to be paid to each recipient upon recommendation of the Doug and Edna Scholarship Committee.

Only those who apply, as hereinafter provided, shall be considered for eligibility. The principal criteria for eligibility shall be to demonstrate scholastic or vocational ability and potential too not only succeed in your educational goals but to also demonstrate a desire to contribute to society.

A prior or current recipient shall be eligible for subsequent or successive scholarship, provided, however, that selection of a recipient shall confer no right upon such person for continued assistance. A specific condition precedent to continued assistance shall be successful completion by a recipient of the previous semester, quarter or other unit of time measuring the progression of such training or education.

No otherwise eligible applicant shall be discriminated against by reason of race, color, creed, national origin, sex or marital status.

 Only those making application for the scholarship on forms provided, shall be eligible, including prior recipients. Applications shall be available at Troy High School, Troy School District or online at due by January 15th. Completed applications should be mail to Troy School District, Attn: Doug and Edna Scholarship Program, PO Box 280, Troy, ID 83871-0280.

No recipient shall be obligated to repay any portion of the scholarship(s) awarded to him/her. However, all recipients shall be encouraged to make contributions to the Fund at such time as they have completed their education and have obtained gainful employment. 

Doug and Edna Kelly Scholarship Application